*all titles self-released unless otherwise noted

  J. Peterson

JCP-00 Untitled version I 2xC60 (2012,  regular edition)
JCP-01 Untitled version II 2xC60 (2012, regular edition; 2013, reissue)*
       * reissued 2013 by Phage Tapes
JCP-02 Obsess C40 (2012, private edition)
JCP-03 Salacious Primitive Electrodynamics C90 (2012, regular edition)
JCP-04 II C60 (2012, private edition;  reissued 2013, generic edition)
Elegy C20 (2016, private edition)
Sketches C90 compilation (2016, private edition)


Heavy Electronics C20 (2014, regular edition)
HN C10 (2014, regular edition)
Infinite Momentum, Infinite Tension C40 (2014, regular edition)
Static C32 (2016, regular edition)


Modern I C40 private demo (2012, private edition)
Modern II After Dark C90 (2014, regular edition)
Modern III Jungle C60 (2014, regular edition)
Modern IV Beyond/Century C30 (2014, regular edition)
Modern V Phaseday/Mindphaser C20 (2014, regular edition)
Modern VI  Delirious In The Street C10 (2014, regular edition)
Modern VII Personality Cult C45 (2014, regular edition)
Modern VIII Untitled C18+C10 (2014, regular edition)
Modern IX D.T.A.J. C90 (special edition, generic edition)
Modern X Final C10 (regular edition)

Neurotic Force a.k.a. New Policies

Demonstrations C30 (2014-2015, private edition)
XXX C60 (2016, private edition)
Histories 1 & 2 C60 (2016, special edition, generic edition)
The Sexual Male/Histories 3 C45 (regular edition)
Lowlife Electronics Variations C8 (2016, private edition)

Missing & New Policies 

Personal Errors 3xCS/C90 (2017, special & regular edition)

Mouth/Force Neurotic

#1 - Histories 1
#2 - Histories 2
#3 - Narcissism
#4 - Analyses

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