Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Hey there,

I've just brought the following Forward titles back into print with updated artwork:

Forward "Static" C32
Forward "Infinite Momentum, Infinite Tension" C40
Forward "Heavy Electronics" C20
Forward "HN" C10

All titles also available on Bandcamp

Second editions will be permanently available and unlimited on type I cassettes. Copies are $7 including shipping within North America. Europe/Asia/rest-of-world customers please add $13.50 for shipping.

Thanks for the interest,

Monday, August 7, 2017


Enough said. I've emailed everyone with tracking or customs numbers. Thanks again.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

NOW AVAILABLE: Missing & New Policies "Personal Errors" C90

Hello there,

I've just finished assembling and uploading excerpts from Missing & New Policies' "Personal Errors" C90. I think of it as my tribute to/parody of lengthy collections by staple long-standing acts.

The sounds contained herein are a strange brew of musique concrète/abstract with industrial flavor as well as tape-manipulated power electronics.

Despite the melancholic atmosphere, herein there aren't any references to violence, social matters, or any generalized taboo, transgression, or negativity. This perhaps has more in common with musique concrète of yesteryear than any prevalent noise/power electronics tropes,
but is still firmly set in the industrial underground as opposed to stuffy
academic-related operations. There is also no attempt to look back at the stylistic
sounds and techniques of the past, but is really just the closest representation to what
I want to do and how I do it.

These were recorded over summer 2017 during periods of heavy rainfall and are intended for solitary, attentive listening. The mixes dubbed to physical cassette copies are in stereo and differ slightly from the excerpted mono mixes uploaded to Bandcamp.

For those interested in my previous project Modern, this material represents everything I had attempted to do conceptually and via audio with the former moniker but succeeding where I had failed miserably before.

A C90 tape with alternate artwork and a small insert is also available readily at $7 including shipping within the United States and $20 including shipping to Europe/rest-of-world. 

Also available at reduced wholesale rates for any interested European or North American distributors.

Please kindly note that any orders will ship 3-5 days following payment due to my current schedule and production methods.


Thank you for your interest,
J. Peterson