Tuesday, May 23, 2017


To anyone who cares,

Some titles will be changing out of personal/linguistic choices.

Shoebox "non-label" efforts will still be under the moniker Force Neurotic.

Force Neurotic magazine is now known as Mouth magazine, and all future issues including reprints will bear this name.

Neurotic Force will now be known as New Policies, and all future releases will bear this name, including reissues of tapes under the Neurotic Force banner.

Recordings along the lines of Modern will now be issued under the moniker Missing.

Archival unreleased and unofficial Forward and Modern recordings issued in the future will retain their project titles.


Monday, May 22, 2017


Hello all,

I'm currently sold out of all tapes and zines.

For those within the US, you can acquire FN releases from Analog Worship.
For those in the United Kingdom, you can get copies from Black Psychosis.
For those in Europe, please get your copies from Tordon Ljud.

A series of limited demo releases are in the works.

jaw sh pe ter son at g mail d ot c o m for any/all inquiries.

Thanks for the interest,